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Operations is the area of your business that will have the most impact and make the most lasting impression to the customer about your business.

In most cases, the installer is the last “in home” representation from your company. How you manage, complete and service that customer will ultimately determine the success and value of your company. Are there ways to do things better or more efficiently?

Areas such as inventory control, dispatch, field service and tech support often are handled in a particular manner simply because “it’s the way we been doing it and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. That is the saying but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it better.

We also have and extensive background in areas such as:

Software Design & Implementation
Is there a technology solution that will make you more efficient or provide your customers with that “WOW” factor? We can assist with the design and implementation for online tech support chat, online service scheduling, a FAQ area that allows your customers to research, understand and resolve common problems and website design. These types of solutions can be stand-alone applications or integrated in to your existing CRM. We also specialize in data migrations and conversions.

Process Improvement
We will review, evaluate and document any processes you currently have in place and recommend/ design improvements that will allow you to be more efficient and save you time and money.

Quality Assurance Program
Do all of your installations meet industry standards? Do they meet your standards? Are they inspected? Do you grade your technicians on the quality of their work and provide training for areas that need improvement? If you look at an install, can you tell which of your installers completed the work without looking at any paperwork? We can assist with the development and implementation of a QA program that will move the quality of your installation to a whole new level and increase the overall value of your business.

Project Management
Every business has ideas and projects they want or need to implement but in many cases, lack the resources to do so in a timely manner because of the management of the day to day operations of the business. We can assist with any project and have the resources to help you manage the project from conception to implementation.

Product Development
We have a long standing relationship with most of the manufactures and work closely with their engineers. We can assist you in product review and evaluation to help you make the right choice for your business.

Let us assist you.

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