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Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.

Alarm Consulting Group has aligned with numerous partners to assist you with this project from street to complete or address any specific want / need. Our partners include Xit Strategy, one of the industry’s leading financial consultants to assist with cost modeling and analysis; manufacturers and service providers including but not limited to; Nortek, SecureNet, Alula, Honeywell, and a 3rd party labor provider with technicians nationwide

We see this as an opportunity to align resources and subject matter experts to provide support to alarm companies across the country.

We are currently reaching out to all of the industry resources, subject matter experts and manufacturers get their feedback, endorsement and support of this project. Once that has been completed, A 3G Sunset PowerPoint will be updated accordingly and distributed to our partners so they can distribute it to their customers.

Regardless of the number of accounts you need to transition, there are things you need to start thinking about, planning for and executing on today. Time is of the essence and the longer you put off the conversions, the more painful and costly the project will become.

Alarm Consulting Group, Inc.